Real Estate Agent Ryan Johnston

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How I can help you: I became a real estate agent so that I could learn more about the market as an investor. By doing so I’ve learned what are the hottest areas in all of Tampa Bay. I can help you as a real estate agent by helping you find your dream home to purchase, I can help you list your house and get top dollar for it so you can cash in on the equity you’ve built up over the past several years, or I can help you find the best investment properties in the area for you to make a great return on your investment.
Bio: I come from Northwest Indiana and lived there for 23 years. I graduated college with an Architecture degree and moved to Chicago where I began working at a large general contractor’s office. I moved to Tampa in July of 2018 and I fell in love with the city. My expertise includes construction and design which led me to begin flipping houses in Tampa Bay. I’m very excited to continue to grow with Tampa and excited to be working with the team at Out Fast.
The reason I made the switch: I made the switch to Out Fast because I understand that success rests heavily on who you surround yourself with. I’ve been connected with Out Fast since the second week I moved to Tampa and they have really help guide my first steps into the local housing market. The team at Out Fast have become a network of professionals and friends that I really enjoy working with. I’m confident that Out Fast will progress my career in real estate and I’m excited to get started.

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