What A Tampa Bay Real Estate Agent Does and Does Not Do

If you ask most people what real estate agents do, you get a vague answer something like this: “They conduct showings, advertise, argue about price, and are elastic with the truth.” And all that really amounts to, “I don’t know exactly.” Just like doctors and lawyers, agents have a vital function – not always entirely … Continued

How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent In Tampa Bay

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, choosing the right real estate agent could be a major component in your success. But you’re bombarded with agents’ advertising, and you just aren’t sure where to start. Another problem is less available information than there is for other professionals. Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation … Continued

Dissecting The Escrow Process For Tampa Bay Real Estate

Buying or selling real estate involves a fairly complex and lengthy process with lots of confusing terms and technical jargon. Still, most people understand it all fairly well . . . till it comes to the escrow process. So let’s dissect the escrow process for Tampa Bay real estate to make it a little less … Continued

Pros And Cons Of HOAs In Tampa Bay

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are on the rise across the country. As of 2014, 59% of all newly constructed home were built to participate in an HOA. That’s a significant increase from 2009’s 46%. But there are both pros and cons of HOAs in Tampa Bay. For some people they are great, and for others, they’re … Continued

A Day In The Life of A Real Estate Agent in Tampa Bay

What a life, right? They make their own hours, attend fun galas and events and sell a house here and there for a big fat commission check. If you ever really wondered what it was like to be a real estate agent or are just curious what your agent really does all day, look no … Continued

Real Estate Trends for 2018 in Tampa Bay And Beyond

              Low interest rates and a recovering economy have led to fantastic growth in the real estate market over the past two years. Some markets have rebounded better than others. Now that interest rates are creeping back up, buyers are concerned with how this will affect the real estate … Continued