How To Showcase Your Neighborhood When Selling Your House in Tampa Bay!

Today, selling a house is about much more than the house, especially where millennials are concerned. It also involves some savvy marketing to make your house stand out from the competition for sophisticated and discerning buyers. Although slowing, demand is still strong, and supply lags behind demand. In 2019, buyers look at much more than … Continued

3 Great Websites To Help You Finance Your House in Tampa Bay!

As you’re probably aware, home shopping (and even selling and buying) has largely moved online today. And now financing your house purchase is doing the same thing. It’s easy, it’s a streamlined process, and rates are competitive. If you’re like increasing numbers of people who prefer the ease of the online home-buying process,  you’re in … Continued

5 Websites Every Home Buyer In Tampa Bay Needs To Know

For home buyers today, the game has changed. No longer do you just check the local classifieds and drive around neighborhoods keeping an eye out for for-sale signs. Most of the home shopping has now moved online. That also means that for you, a home buyer in Tampa Bay, there’s a lot more property information … Continued

6 Questions To Ask Before Buying A House in Tampa Bay

When people buy a car, they almost always ask a ton of questions. For example, how hard was it driven, and what kind of miles, highway or town? How often was it serviced? Does it use any oil? And on and on till they are satisfied. Oddly, though, home buyers don’t ask that many questions … Continued

5 Websites Every Home Seller In Tampa Bay Needs To Know

Today, home selling can be done from the comfort of your living, thanks to the many listing and real estate marketplace sites available. And they are most certainly worth using when you consider that a large proportion of buyers begin their home search online and almost all millennials – who are now the largest segment … Continued