Out Fast Realty & Investments is excited to announce the creation of the 401R – the world’s first retirement* vehicle for real estate agents! This program is reserved exclusively for agents and franchisees of Out Fast Realty & Investments across the country.

How it works:

All agents work on commission, and by selecting to opt into the program, a part of their commission split is allocated to invest into Out Fast Capital, Inc. which is buying real estate assets to generate a preferred return on that investment into the company. Out Fast Realty & Investments then matches that contribution up to $5,000!



* DISCLAIMER – The 401R program is part of a secured offering brought to agents of Out Fast Realty & Investments LLC and its affiliated company Out Fast Capital, Inc. through a Regulation A offering per terms of the company’s offering circular. This website/webpage is in no way selling a securitized investment and is not part of any line of the United States Treasury tax code. Terms & Conditions may apply.

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